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sustainability speaks
car care tips with Jen
Building a home is a big deal
by Nicholas Miller
Proper Tire Care and Safety
by Jennifer Wilson
Pilates Training Center Hawaii in Kailua, click or call (808) 261-9519  for more information.
Proper tire care and safety is simple and easy. The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) recommends taking five minutes every month and before every long trip to check your tires, including the spare. Just remember to "Be Tire Smart - Play Your PART: Pressure, Alignment, ...continue

Potholes, potholes and more potholes ..
by Jennifer Wilson
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What is a TPM System?
by Jennifer Wilson
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healthy in hawaii
Windward Oahu
One of the most beautiful places on the island, it stretches from Makapu’u Point to Kahalu’u. Our Windward Coast is a stretch of beaches that are both beautiful and rich in culture and history.
The Windward side offers amazing things to do and see with great places to eat, fantastic shopping, exciting activities and all the services you could need nestled away in the foothills of the majestic Ko’olau Mountain Range.
Weight loss do's and don'ts
by Shane Millard
Click or call for more information 262.3830
Have you ever looked in the mirror and said to your self, "I could stand to lose a few pounds?" You're not alone; most of us have at some time. The problem is we all want to wake up in the morning and see the extra pounds off with no effort expended and our dietary behaviors unchanged. Or we hope that the latest fad diet or exercise machine will make the pounds fall off. Sorry to say this, but no fad diet or particular weight loss machine is coming to the rescue. The secret to weight loss is no special diet or thigh burning machine, but the ...continue

by Shane Millard
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5 easy ways to avoid a doctor visit
by Shane Millard
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Sucessful internet marketing
by R Parenteau
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Image by Dave Angelescu
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The 2 very best types of marketing
by R Parenteau
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tiare's tips
letters and opinions
Best place to spend your design dollars
by Tiare Cowan
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Just like building a good wardrobe you want to invest in a few "good pieces" and then accessorize with some inexpensive trendy items.

Upholstery is probably the best place to start. Invest in solidly built pieces that are comfortable and fit the space. Good Quality Upholstered pieces can be re-upholstered several times before they have to be retired. Be sure to choose a frame style that is timeless and can work with many different looks over the years. Keeping

Home organization basics
Tiare Cowan
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Your master bedroom remodel
by Tiare Cowan
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l story ...
Lila knows Kailua
How Rose got her Groove back in Kailua
Intro dives at Aaron's are your best bet when on Oahu
Kailua Town Party 2013
by AJ Jaeger, photos AJ Jaeger
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For the 21st year, the Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle presented the “I Love Kailua Party”. It was a day filled with fun, food, art and friends. And dogs. Lots of dogs. Local businesses, restaurants and Artisans provided a nice distraction from the usual Sunday at the beach. ...continue

the Dangers of Scuba Diving?
by Dave Angelescu
Employees of Kailua businesses... where are we supposed to park?!
submitted by D.A.
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For some time now, all the employees of Kailua businesses have been getting screwed by the Kaneohe Ranch Property Management Company. For some reason the property management company thinks all the employees, full and part time ...continue

Happy New Year, be thankful for the things you don't have, like my neighbor
by R Parenteau
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Kailua 411 Magazine voted BEST Kailua magazine!
by R Parenteau
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real estate trends & property spotlights
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Things to remember when buying
byDonald Munro
Things to do in Kailua
Property markets in Kailua are beginning to improve. As buyers begin to be more active, there is a distinct possibility of a shortage of properties for sale. This will lead to increased prices - at least in the short run. So, if you are thinking of Buying, maybe it's time you really start doing your research.

When looking for a home to purchase, whether it is your first or your fifth, there are a number of important things to keep in mind.

Get a home inspection
by Lila Marino-Camacho
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Why rent??!
by Lila Marino-Camacho
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We are a full service bullion dealer too. We buy and sell and are much less expensive than shipping from the mainland.
kailua 411 magazine photo essay
Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Jazz, Hip Hop, Country Western, we have what you need. Contact our Kailua office for more information about learning to dance at Arthur Murray.
A bit of Samoa in Hawaii
by AJ Jaeger, photos AJ Jaeger
Click or Call (808)261-SURF for more information
Before Visiting Hawaii, most people will have a list of “Things to do and see”. Usually close to the top is a Luau.

Since friends were coming in and the 1st thing they wanted to do was see a Luau, I booked us locally. Sure there are a number to choose from, over on the westside. Starting in late

4th of July
by AJ Jaeger, photos AJ Jaeger
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Too much fun
by AJ Jaeger, photos AJ Jaeger
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No sharks = No future
by Dave Angelescu, photos Dave Angelescu
The shark is a fascinating creature, surrounded by myth and misconception. To many, sharks symbolize the very essence of ruthlessness, representing the ultimate savages of the natural world. Though many people would rather not intentionally socialize with these fearsome predators of the depths, ...continue

Disaster Dummies
by AJ Jaeger, photos AJ Jaeger
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Hawaii's "Honu" Green Turtles Face Loss of Protections
by Dave Angelescu
zane's local finds
No sharks = No future in Hawaii
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Building a home is a BIG deal ... for most people a once in a lifetime opportunity! The biggest investment for one's self and family; in essence the building blocks for growth, life and the pursuit of happiness.

The more I interacted with clients, collegues and other industry professionals the more I started to realize that the process in realizing this opportunity sets the pace and attitude for life lived in the home. Getting off on the right foot per se! With all the elements involved in constructing your dream castle,

Clean energy financing
by Nicholas Miller
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Radiant Barrier ... sounds cool
by Nicholas Miller
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Home grown kite racing in Kailua
by Devin Moody, photos AJ Jaeger
A misguided attempt is underway to remove the Federal protections for Hawaii's green sea turtles. Known commonly by their Hawaiian name, "honu", the Hawaiian green sea turtle represents an important cultural and biological component of Hawaii's ecosystems. ...continue
coffee + comfort = ChadLou's
by Zane Lacaden
What do I think about kite surfing? It's a ridiculous phenomenon when you think about it. Being a local kite surfer and dealer for North Kite Boards on Oahu, sometimes you forget that what you're actually doing is being pulled around the ocean with a kite, some string, a board strapped to your feet and the higher the wind speed, the better. ...continue
On a street known for a hardware store, a Portuguese bake shop and an auto repair shop, it's great to know that there's a place to enjoy a drink and just relax or talk story. I am talking about my soon to be not so secret coffee shop spot, ChadLou's.

Located at 47 Kihapai St. in Kailua Town, the comfort and peaceful environment become tangible when you step inside the shop. They provide everyone with great coffee & treats, free WiFi, and island style arts & culture. It's everything a small time coffee shop

Fresh, Organic, Natural & Local!
by Zane Lacaden
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Zane at Whole Foods?!
by Zane Lacaden
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Call for reservations, click for more information or visit us on Facebook.
Easy access in the back of Whole Foods parking lot too. Look for our Banners and the cars that are shining.
Great family style dining and sports bar, be sure to come in for the BEST Smoked BBQ West of the Mississippi!!!
Professional and fun photo shoot tailored to your taste! Contact Amanda for more information.
Easy to run to at 35 Kainehe St #105  Customer sevice is back in town, come in and experience the difference.
Coral Support
AJ Jaeger
AJ Jaeger
AJ Jaeger
Jessi Schultz
Easy to get to in the Windward Mall in Kaneohe, second level -  theater wing - click for more information and to go to their website
Kailua 411 Magazine supports Save our Sharks... Save our Seas
A bit of Samoa in Hawaii
Kailua Reiki - It feels like love
Lock crime out
kailua pictures, photos and image submissions from readers
How Rose got her Groove back
by Gisella West
things to do
Reconnecting with dance not only helped Rose Lau get her groove back, but it's reminded her what it's like to be a free and independent woman. At 44 years old and 40 pounds lighter than she was a year ago, Rose now knows the true value of dance in her life.
"I've spent most of my life doing for other people, and I didn't make time
outside with susan
“Keith! Keith! Answer me. Help someone, my husband isn’t moving!” The only replies
are moans coming through the choking dust. Rolling to my side, I find I can’t stand up.
My leg won’t support me. What happened? “Help me, Please, some one, help me ...”.
Sometime later, a helmeted figure

The importance of your vehicles scheduled maintenance
by Jennifer Wilson
Na Pohaku o Hauwahine
by Susan Redpath
Many times when visiting an automotive repair shop people wonder why they leave with a laundry list of items that are suggested and many times believe that the only reasons these items are recommended is take your money. While it is very true that these repair shops are businesses and not ...continue

Kohelepelepe - Koko Crater
by AJ Jaeger, photos AJ Jaeger
Locals speak often of the changes in Kailua and it is not uncommon to hear animated discussions about new farmers' market hours, what is new at Whole Foods or when Target may open. The addition of Target here is lost on me personally, but I do get animated by some of the changes in our nearby protected lands.

I get excited by those unexpected moments in nature when you see something in

Kawainui Marsh
by Susan Redpath
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Likeke Trail and Waterfall Hike
by Susan Redpath
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quick computer tips
Jutting up 1022’ from the plains of Hawaii Kai is Kohelepelepe, known locally as Koko Crater. One of the larger Tuff volcanoes on our island, it is also relatively young being approximately 30-40,000 years old. As Oahu had already been around for 3 million years or so, fringing reefs had grown around this part of the island. ...continue

Buddhist monks are usually right
or, change and growth at any age
by Tamah Nakamura
Quick computer tips #2
by kailua411 staff
kailua photos
Disable Sounds in Web Pages...
If you prefer your own digital music collection to the soundtracks to be found on some Web sites, you can tell IE to keep them quiet. Go to Tools > Internet Options and open the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Multimedia section, and deselect the check box next to "Play sounds in web pages."

Advanced Screen Captures with the Snipping Tool...
Leave the Prt Scrn key in the 1980s where it belongs. In the Accessories folder on the Start menu, you'll find Vista's Snipping Tool, which lets you capture just the part of the screen you want. ...continue

Quick computer tips #1
by kailua411 staff
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I am an American long-term resident of Fukuoka, Japan, teaching at the university level: intercultural communication, gender studies, and second language skills. My husband, Yoshihiro, and I loved Hawaii and spent late winter and summer here many years. Pilates brought me to Kailua ...continue
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As scuba diving is a popular recreational sport, beautiful coral reefs and eerie shipwrecks around the island have become major tourist draws in their own right. However, it should not be forgotten that scuba diving is an extreme sport with its own peculiar injuries and potentially life-threatening ...continue

Tie-dye is in again!
by Ihilani
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The classic hippie look has come back and hit Kailua and beaches everywhere! The difference these day is we see pieces that are monochromatic, or use only one color. This is a more subtle version of the classic look we are used to. In addition, tie-dye using earth tones is also really popular. So when ...continue

Pilates based rehab in Kailua?
by Dr. Olivia Sadeler
save money on everything windward
Do you suffer from an aching back or neck? Shoulder pain? Poor posture?
Pilates based Rehabilitation is an excellent way to improve posture, alignment, and retrain core muscles to get lasting results.

I started studying STOTT PILATES

Mountain Biking, Yah!!?
by AJ Jaeger, images AJ Jaeger
diving with dave
Returning to my car after a nice hike up Koko Crater, I was surprised to see Mountain Bikers in full protective gear mounting up for a ride. Confused because I’m thinking, where are they going to ride dressed like that, we are in a Regional Park with a bunch of baseball fields.
Up they said. Up Koko Crater??
If you are coming to Kailua or anywhere on the Windward side, make sure you check out Kailua 411 Magazine's coupons and discounts section. If it is an activity, a service, you can eat it or buy it, you will find a discounts or coupon for it.
Are you prepared?
by kailua411 staff
Save our Sharks... Save our Seas
by Dave Angelescu, photos Dave Angelescu
Coral support
by Amy Fonarow, photos Amy Fonarow
Truth about Sharks

Education is an extremely valuable tool in our conservation arsenal. Sadly, myths and misunderstanding surround sharks, as does a general lack of awareness of their plight. The following compilations offer some truths about sharks and provide more insight into the issues facing their continued existence.

Sharks are NOT the monsters ...continue

Sharks Cove lives up to it's name!
by Dave Angelescu, photos Dave Angelescu
Read the full story ...
I didn't know that, the Pali
by kailua411 staff
around kailua town & windward
On the Fourth of July, I decided to see if I could snorkel to the Mokes and back from Lanikai Beach. It turns out I could, but there were a few things that stopped me when I first set out.

Several yards off the beach and beneath the emerald water, I swam across some unnecessary items. A yard of ...continue
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We always think we are prepared. Yet when the tsunami from the Japan quake was on its way to Kailua, or more recently tropical storm Flossie, there were lines thirty cars long at the gas stations and a mad rush on the Safeway and other local grocery stores for water, flashlights and batteries. And these are just the things we immediately think about.

Are you really prepared if a disaster did strike? As we have recently learned, making it through the initial disaster is
Hawaii Route 61, often called the Pali Highway, is the main highway connecting downtown Honolulu with the windward side of O'ahu and Kailua. From downtown, it traverses up Nu'uanu Valley and the residential neighborhood of Nu'uanu, passes through the Nu'uanu Pali Tunnels, and descends to Kailua. ...continue
Reiki - It feels like love
by Amy Fonarow
If you have been in Kailua for a period of time, you have most likely met someone who reports that they "do" or "get" Reiki.

What the heck are these people talking about?

Reiki is a gentle hands-on technique
More than just a town
by Catherine Polonia
I fell in love while vacationing in Hawaii. After travelling for over 16hrs, a journey that had begun at 3am in the cold of a winter night, I stepped out onto the open layout of the Honolulu International Airport. One deep breath of the warm and humid Hawaiian air was all it took for me to feel an ...continue
Lock crime out of your home
by Carlene MacPherson
While reading the Windward crime stats from the past two weeks, I was struck by a recurring theme, homes were unlocked. Yikes! I kept hearing the song "Walk right in, sit right down..." playing over and over in my head, so I decided to pass on some tips.

There are two simple things that could save you and your possessions from being part of the next crime stats: 1) Close your